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We believe that to be successful in the 21st century, one needs to be worldly and globally exposed. The vision of WJSDC is that through this platform, junior students have the opportunity to exchange with primary students across the world, seeing them, hearing them in context and in the end, making friends as they move along.

The Aim

Debating is a fun intellectual sports. It is a widely practiced activity in many senior schools but not as popular as in junior schools. As the standard of literacy improves over the years, we found that junior school students can benefit a lot in their academic via participating in this sports. Therefore, this platform is build to welcome everyone with genuine interest to participate.

Debating skills
As basic literacy requirements, a students who can read and write, listen and speak English effectively can participate. Through debating, students are expected to train up their core literacy stills with advance ability:
- Reading for reasons
- Writing in precision
- Listening with patience
- Speak to persuade

and through the process of competing in a team, students further develop team work and collaboration, take wins and losses as fuel to improve and empower self-confidence.

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About us
We are a non-profit organisation that aims to provide an open platform for primary students to participate in debating as an intellectual sport.

It has come to light more advancement in literacy of primary school students across the world, the need for them to practice their literacy skills has arise and debating is one of the best way.

While there are a lot of junior games around the world, we hope that the platform create more opportunity for students to exchange and advance.


  • Debate motion and sides will be announced in the morning on the date of the competition.

  • Each team will be provided with a set of debating materials including research materials, tool and tips. Students are welcome to use their own research material should they find appropriate.

  • There will be student ambassadors and advisors on site for students who want consultation.

  • All respective debate teams will gathered in the afternoon to start the debate.

  • Each debate will run for approximately 45 minutes.

  • The chairperson will start the debate.

  • Each speak will speak for 3 minutes

  • The adjudicator will provide feedback to each speaker and announce the winning team and best speaker of the debate.

  • The adjudicator’s decision is final.

  • Students and parents are welcome to submit their survey to WJSDC administration to reflect any comments on the debate.

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