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World Junior Schools Debating Championship 2020

  With a keen passion to provide a platform for students to build on the key 21st Century learning objectives, the 4 C’s — Critical thinking, Creativity, Collaboration and Communication, World Junior Schools sees that it is also important to connect these skills to Civic awareness and engagement. 

  2020 is a very special year, where the world has fought together as one against COVID-19. This year's debate motion will be around the theme “Living in a Safe and Healthy World”. It will be a very interesting exchange for the students to participate, have fun and make friends through the format of a competition.

Key dates:
             1) Registration Deadline               June 30, 2020

             2) Regional Debating Round        June 1 - July 31 2020

             3) WJS Debating Championship*  September 6, 2020

We welcome students around the world to join this event. Registration for preliminary round entry are free of charge.

Invitation will be sent to debaters who successfully proceed to the final round, where the Championship* will be held in HK on 6 September, 2020. 

*Note: Participants of the Final Championship will require a USD 50 fee to cover administrative cost arise from the event.


Click here to download Details  and Rules and Regulation of the competition

Individual Entry Registration
Rule and Regulations
Individual Entry


Read the format and flow above related to Individual entry.

Experience in debate

Thanks for your registration!

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Team Entry Registration
Rule and Regulations
Team Entry


Read the format and flow above related to Team entry.

You will need to team up 3 speakers to join as a Team.

Thank you for your registration.

Note and disclaimer:

Participants should observe the rules and regulations lay out by WJSDC Limited

Enquiries can be sent to or whatsapp to (+852) 6127 8922

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